When you think about it – stress is something that can take over your whole life if you let it.  It can come from many different things, the first usually being work-life or home-life.  However, what if there was a way that you could live a stress-free life?  There is, by self hypnotizing yourself.  However, you need to make sure that you learn how to self hypnotize before you actually go through with it.

Whenever you are performing self hypnosis, you just need to free yourself from disturbances and make sure that you actually schedule yourself time to do self hypnotizing.  Disturbances can be terrible, so make sure that you schedule times when you know you are not going to be disturbed.

Next, set a goal for your session.  Before undergoing self hypnosis, you want to decide what stressful situation you are planning to resolve.  In the next blog, we are going to talk more about how you can self hypnotize yourself!